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Captain Kevin Roberts has enjoyed fishing ever since his father and grandfather first introduced him to the sport at age five. Since then, his love for fishing has evolved from bluegills on the inland lakes of Michigan to sharks in the beautiful waters of Key Largo.

For the past 15 years, he’s honed his Great Lakes skills while fishing for walleye in Lake Erie and salmon and trout in picturesque Lake Michigan, developing a deep understanding of just what kind of tackle and bait these lake fish are most likely to respond to as well as where they’re most likely to be found at different times of the year.

Using the latest tackle, top-of-the-line equipment and techniques, Capt. Roberts helps each customer get that hard-pulling, line-screaming experience that’s at the heart of a truly great Lake Michigan fishing charter experience.


Fish Stalker Participates in the Michigan Catch & Cook Program

“Catch & Cook allows charter fishing clients who catch fish from Michigan’s Great Lakes an opportunity to take their fresh catch to a participating Michigan restaurant to cook and serve those fish to those clients.”
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